Yakima Community Television

'The People's Channel'

About YCTV

YCTV Training opportunities (All classes are hands-on, taught at YCTV)

  • 3-hour YCTV orientation including tour of facility and introduction to policies and procedures.
  • 3-hour Basic Camera Operation class.
  • 3-hour Basic Editing class.
  • Introduction to 'Toaster' editing system (self-tutorial)
  • Introduction to non-linear editing system (self-tutorial)
  • Specialized instruction on lighting, scripting, and multi-camera field production.
  • One-on-One assistance as needed.
  • Opportunities for community producers to work with staff on large productions.

Program guidelines

  • Non-commercial, not-for-profit, intended for air on YCTV.
  • Scheduling of channel and facilities based on first-come, first-served.
  • All programs produced through YCTV carry local producer's name and YCTV tags.
  • Programs not locally produced require sponsorship by local resident and sponsor ID.
  • Only limited editorial control is exercised by staff.
  • The producer assusmes legal responsibility for programming content.