Yakima Community Television

'The People's Channel'

YCTV - Yakima Community Television Home

YCTV is Yakima’s Public Access TV channel. Anyone in the community can learn how to produce TV programs at the YCTV production facility and then see their finished programs air on YCTV, Charter cable channel 21. The diversity of YCTV programs mirror the diversity of thought, philosophy, culture and interests of the Yakima area. This web site provides information about how you can learn to produce your own TV show.

YCTV's primary funding source is a 'franchise fee' paid by the cable company (Charter Communications) to the City of Yakima for use of the public rights-of-way and based on the cable company’s gross revenues. The 'franchise fee' is a form of a lease payment. Charter pays the 'franchise fee' and, in return, received permission to string its transmission lines over, under or across public rights-of-way such as sidewalks, streets and alleys. In addition, under the terms of the 1994 Cable Television Franchise Ordinance,Charter also pays half of the YCTV/Y-PAC facility lease and provides capital grants every three years. No general fund moneys support YCTV.